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We offer a selection of articles, please feel free to learn more about braces.

  • Braces for Adults? You’re Not Too Old to Get Rid of Crooked Teeth
    • Why braces for adults? So you, too, can have a beautiful new smile. See how easy it is to find the right orthodontist when you read this article.
  • Why should my child need Phase 1 Early Orthodontic Treatment?
    • Early orthodontic therapy promotes orthopedic development of the jaws. This may remove, or decrease, the need for extractions, lengthy orthodontic treatment
  • Orthodontic treatment – For a beautiful smile
    • Importance of consulting an orthodontist, if there is a problem with the outer appearance of the teeth. Braces are normally used for correction and they are available in ceramic, metal and wires to form brackets on the teeth.
  • Top 10 Orthodontic Braces Myths
    • This article discusses the Top 10 Orthodontic Braces Myths such as: The tighter the better, Braces have to hurt to work; Wires need to be changed every visit; Wisdom teeth are making my teeth crooked; Only braces can straighten my teeth; My spaces will close as soon as I get braces; My teeth will stay straight forever; and Any overbite is a bad overbite