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Orthodontic Implants

Orthodontic implants are small pins that are placed to provide support for orthodontic tooth movement.

Newton’s Third Law
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

So true in orthodontics. When you move a tooth in one direction, then another tooth moves in the opposite direction. Often this in undesirable and is the source of many limitations in orthodontics.

Since mini implants are anchored, the reactive forces are not directed to the other teeth. This allows us to provide tooth movements in directions and amounts previously not available. There are many new opportunities for these appliances in orthodontics. Once the desired tooth movement is completed, the implant is removed.

Orthodontic Implants

The pins are placed in our office by Dr. Bernardo Rodriguez, a small amount of topical and local anesthesia is used. Most patients compare the process to having a small filling performed. Removal is quick and easy.