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Treatment for Adults

You are truly never too old for orthodontic treatment. Many treatment choices now exist for the adult orthodontic patient.

With traditional fixed braces, new self ligating orthodontic bracket systems reduce the friction of traditional braces. Combined with low force, long acting memory arch wires, this system provides faster, gentler tooth movement. Sure Smile technology provides more precise tooth movement that routinely

Clear brackets offer an esthetic alternative to metal brackets for our adult patients.

Adult patients with multiple missing teeth can now be treated using dental implant supported orthodontics. Dental implants offer a rare opportunity by providing a solid non-moving support to move teeth more predictably and more quickly, sometimes using less braces.

The development of orthodontic problems are often the result of unfortunate jaw development. Adjunctive surgical procedures called orthognathic surgery (ortho = straight, gnathic = jaw) realigns the jaw structure for more balanced facial appearance and improved orthodontic results. These surgeries can be considered for severe lower jaw retrusion, long face open bites, gummy smiles, and underbites.